Tejano Historical Portrait Series

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Heretofore, very few works of literature or art have been published or commissioned to celebrate and elevate Tejano leaders and heroes. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to develop and promote works of art on 1800’s Tejanos. We are very proud to lead this long overdue honor to promote Tejano legacy and heritage.

In order to develop a Tejano Portrait series we have researched original historical portraits of Tejanos from the 1800s. Some of these are of Jose Antonio Navarro, Francisco Ruiz, Lorenzo de Zavala and Juan Seguin. Also, we have reviewed available books that offer Tejano individuals and subjects. Other methods of research have been to obtain period photos and conduct oral histories of other Tejanos.

This research has provided us with an artistic and historical insight to the image and graphic persona that we have proposed for this project. As a result, we have commissioned the development of a series of Tejano Portraits based on the historical and artistic grounds researched.

The first Tejano Portraits series will consist of Jose Antonio Navarro, Col. Francisco Ruiz, Lorenzo de Zavala, Juan Seguin, Toribio Losoya and Gregorio Esparza. These Tejano leaders and Heroes of the Revolution will help provide students and the general public with a visual understanding and identification of Tejanos not seen before. It has been said, that Texas history can never be complete without the story of the Tejanos being told or seen!

Created by local artist Lehman Thompson, Jr. in collaboration with Rudi R. Rodriguez, President and Founder of Texas, the Portraits have hung inside the Alamo Shrine, Texas State Capitol in Austin, Sam Houston State University, the Bexar County Courthouse, Palo Alto College in San Antonio and many other important and prominent locations. For more information or to purchase a portrait, please contact us at (210) 673-3584


Cost of exhibit rental is $500 per month plus freight.