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Our History

Since its founding in 2002, Texas Tejano.com has become a firm with a collection of works associated with its primary objectives of history research, publishing and communications. The company’s mission is to create awareness and education about the contributions of early Texas Tejano Pioneers and to tell the true stories of their lives and legacies. 

By 2003, Texas Tejano.com had authored and published its first non fiction books. To date, it has an impressive array of historical material, including: “A Tejano Son of Texas” book series and history Teacher’s Kits for 4th and 7th Grade classrooms. Plus, over the years, thousands of books, booklets, pamphlets and posters have been published and distributed throughout Texas.

In 2004, a first ever web site: www.TexasTejano.com©  was launched to serve the online community. Since then, over one million persons have visited our site. This year, a new site will offer fresh ways to learn about Tejano education, programs and news.  Also, it will boast a first-ever “Tejano History Online”, which will offer an archive with family histories, photos, artifacts, documents, records, oral histories and much, much more.

Then, in 2006, we produced our first major historical documentary celebrating the life of a legendary Tejano pioneer, Jose Policarpio “Polly” Rodriguez. Currently, our “A Tejano Son of Texas” documentary is being aired on Time Warner’s “Texas Channel”.  Additionally, a world-class traveling exhibit on the life of Polly Rodriguez was produced and titled; “A Tejano Son of Texas©”. Plus, the same year, Texas Tejano.com helped lead Governor Rick Perry to proclaimed September as Tejano Heritage Month.

In 2007, we premiered a first ever original stage play titled “Texas Tejanos: A Revolution Remembered: 1835-1836 ©”. Additionally, we created a new “Tejanos in Texas Heritage” exhibit. The display tells the story of the first two hundred years of Texas and Tejanos and the roles they played in the state’s development. To date, over two million Texans have viewed these exhibits.

Further, in 2008, we created a “Tejano Historical Portrait Series©” that consist of historical portraits of legendary Tejanos. Our continued efforts will be to expand our products, services and outreach both state wide and nationally. Presently, we are in collaboration with THC, THSA, TGLO, THF, NLMC, NPS and NTHP.

Also, in 2009, through our advocacy, we were successful in helping found the new Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas. This heritage center will consist of a multi-national museum, research library, media center and Tejano Living History Village. We are very proud to have been apart of this effort and pleased for the many recognitions and awards given to us as a result of our efforts to champion our Tejano ancestors.

Lastly, in 2011, our brand new and stunning website will be unveiled in October along with a new Tejano Book Series for the classroom. Also, in early 2012, we will be completing a new traveling exhibit on The Caminos Real’s de Los Tejas and a first ever presentation on the Tejanas of the Texas Revolution. Texas history will never be complete without the legacies of the Tejano pioneers being told. To this end, Texas Tejano.com has long taken a leading role in the re-envisioning of Texas History.