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Our main mission is to bring awareness and education about Tejano pioneers from the  early 1600s, 1700s and 1800s. By definition, Tejanos are the descendants of the first Spanish, Mexican and indigenous families of the Texas frontier. Tejanos had significant impact on Texas ranching, livestock, architecture, religion and government. Yet, little has been written, published and or programmed through our state institutions and schools.

Therefore, Texas Tejano’s main goal is to produce publications, documentaries, plays, historical re-enactments, websites and exhibits that educate and celebrate the Tejano experience. Our second most important goal is to create a Tejano history “System of Education” through the use of all our materials and resources that can be utilized by libraries, schools and institutions of higher learning. Further, we have been very mindful of all the state requirements for testing in completing our materials.

Here is a list of all the current materials we offer for the classroom:
A Tejano Son of Texas Autobiography
A Tejano Son of Texas Teacher’s Guide for 4th and 7th Grade
A Tejano Son of Texas Booklet for younger or ESL readers
A Tejano Son of Texas Primary Documents
A Tejano Son of Texas Coloring Book
A Tejano Son of Texas Timeline Poster
A Tejano Son of Texas Artifact Collection
Tejano History Online Archive
A Tejano Son of Texas Documentary
A Tejano Son of Texas Presentation or Screening
A Tejano Son of Texas Traveling Exhibit
Tejanos in Texas Heritage Traveling Exhibit
A Tejano Son of Texas Re-enactors

Finally, we hope that both teachers and students will find our materials useful and we welcome any comments and improvements to our products.

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