Adult Poster Contest

Tejano Heritage Month |

Beginning with the month of March (the officially recognized Texas History Month), Texas will be holding its fifth statewide Poster Contest that is open to all adult (18-years-of-age and older) residents of Texas.

“'s main mission has always been about education and getting our message about the true lives and legacies of our Tejano forefathers out to Texas residents,” says Rudi R. Rodriguez, President and Founder of Texas “We felt this contest was just another way of getting that message across. Also, it will create what we hope will be a fun and festive memento of this occasion and will help create an additional circumstance that marks what we are creating with Tejano Heritage Month”.
Last years winner was artist Dina M. Cortez of San Antonio. Each year, judges select one (1) winner to receive a $500 cash prize. The winner is honored at a special ceremony during Tejano Heritage Month. For more information, contact Texas at (210) 673-3584.

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