A Tejano Son of Texas

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The A Tejano Son of Texas Traveling Exhibit tells the lifestory of legendary Texas Tejano Jose Policarpio “Polly” Rodriguez. The display begins with the start of the State of Coahuila y Texas, Mexico and continues through Polly's experiences as a young boy, a gunsmith and surveyor as well as addressing his Military and Texas Ranger Service and his ranching and public office records. The exhibit concludes with a description of his years as a Methodist minister. 

Exhibit Panels:

In the Beginning
Texas Army Service
Bandera Pioneering
A Tejano Texas Ranger
Law West of the Guadalupe
Circuit Riding in Texas
Otro Tejanos y Tejas

The Exhibit is composed of eight (8), 36-inch-by-84-inch, wooden, double-sided, free-standing panels that each tell a portion of Polly's life. Each panel contains narrative complimented with original photos, documents, maps and other historical records that uniquely tell of his accomplishments. The panels are arranged in chronological order. For Exhibit availability and rental fees, contact Texas

The Exhibit can also be complimented by a separate display of original Tejano Artifacts. These include period clothing, weapons, surveying equipment, original photos and documents.

Supplemental Material:

In addition to the Traveling Exhibit, we offer a unique, multimedia presentation (with Power Point, Internet and clips from the A Tejano Son of Texas Documentary). Also, we can offer a troop of Tejano reenactors dressed in period costume that can be on hand to answer questions and offer cultural and historical insight. Separate presentations for adults and children are available.


Cost of exhibit rental is $2,500 per month plus freight.