Tejano Moments on KSAT 12 Season 2

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            Texas is a San Antonio-based firm with its primary objectives of historical research, publishing, and communications. The company’s mission is to create awareness and education about early Texas Tejano Pioneers' contributions and to tell the stories of their lives and legacies.

            As such, last year in partnership with KSAT 12, we began a series of historical vignettes called “Tejano Moments”. During the first season, 15 segments were filmed and aired. The first season covered the first 200 years of Tejano history beginning in 1690. We’re thankful for the support of KSAT 12 reporters and cameramen for their professionalism in producing and filming these segments, and for helping to bring awareness to Tejano heritage. You can view the first season here.

            Currently, we’re working on the second season of Tejano Moments. These segments will cover significant people, places, and events. The first segment airs on June 24, 2021, at 6:30 am on KSAT12. This 3-part segment is on Don Jose Antonio Navarro and was filmed at the Texas Historical Landmark Casa Navarro. Please stay tuned to view future segments.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (210) 673-3584 or visit