KHCE Interviews Rudi Rodriguez

       Rudi R. Rodriguez is a longtime businessman, former member of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, current Chairman of the Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas and President of This varied background allows him unique insight intoto the current migration of Mexican nationals into our state. As a result, he was recently asked to be interviewed about the migration of Mexican nationals to our community and state.

       Also, being of a ranching family background gave him perspective on nationals who came to work and live in the US. It gave him insight to all levels of immigration pertaining to Mexican nationals.

       In addition, as Founder and Chairman of the new Hispanic heritage Center of Texas, coupled with 25 years of research in the area of multinational heritage and legacy has given him an important understanding of the dynamics of the current influx of nationals in our community.

       The interview, conducted at KHCE TV Studios touches on the impact of Mexican nationals on economics, suburban development, education and safety in our community. Very thought provoking questions were answered during the half hour interview conducted by Ms. Andrea Harteman. Please watch the program, as it has been deemed as very insightful and helps to appreciate the positive dynamics that the emerging Mexican national population is providing to our community and state. The program will air on October 12, 2012 at 12:30 pm on channel 23. For more information on this issue, please contact Texas at (210) 673-3584 or visit