Join our Trail Boss!

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       Our Trail Boss needs your help! With or without a horse, come join him on the drive. As you know, Polly Texas Pioneer Association is conducting their annual “Hill Country Get Together” and they need all the wranglers and trailhands they can get to make it a success.

       As such, we are reaching out to our friends, family and the community to assist them in this year’s event scheduled for May 21, 2016. They're needing help in the following volunteer areas:

Bronco Busters
Morning set up of canopies, tables and chairs
Afternoon teardown of canopies, tables and chairs

Chuck Wagon Volunteers
Help serve food and drinks during event
Collect meal ticket funds

Help with the auction, auction spotters
Greeting and sign in

Horse Trader
Help sell meal tickets, ads and seek contributions prior to event.
This can be done in person or via email.

       If you would like to volunteer for this event, please join them for a free hill country breakfast on May 7th at 9:00am at Bricks River Cafe, located at 1205 Main St in Bandera, Texas, please click here to RSVP for this event. You can also call Ms. Vivian Cantu at (210) 673-3584.

       Once again, thanks for considering our request and we ask that you please consider volunteering. You’ll have a great time and will help preserve the history of Polly, Texas, our ancestors and the Lone Star State! We encourage you to find out more on their website at