Help Save Polly’s Schoolhouse

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Dear Friends,

As you may know, our partner organization, Polly Texas Pioneer Association has been hard at work restoring and preserving Texas hill country heritage! Their current project, Polly’s Schoolhouse, has continued to make great progress. They recently finished the installation of a new roof and major landscaping.

We’re excited to announce the next phase of restoration of this historic one-room schoolhouse! You and your family can help preserve our heritage and help provide identity and pride to our community. They can’t complete this work without your support.

Please consider making a contribution or purchasing a sponsorship for a door or window. Sponsorships include a plaque mounted on or near the door/window to commemorate you or a loved one in helping save Texas hill country heritage for generations to come. If you have any questions about purchasing a window or providing some other kind of support, please call us them (210) 892-0135 or visit for sponsorship forms and levels.

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