2012 Tejano Heritage Month Review

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       The 2012, 9th Annual Tejano Heritage Month was a huge success! We are very pleased with the level of interest and participation we received from across the state. Individuals attending and well-wishers from across the state have voiced their approval and appreciation for preserving Tejano Heritage & Legacy.

       We would like to also acknowledge our major sponsors ALMA, Citibank, EPI Electrical Enclosures, Valero and The Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas.  Without their valued support, this year’s Tejano Heritage Month would surely not have been as successful as it was.

       Public events and exhibits were conducted across South Texas, and all were completed with the mission of fulfilling our long-term goals of educating, elevating and celebrating the lives and legacies of Tejanos in the hearts and minds of the citizens of the Great State of Texas. This year, “A Tejano Son of Texas” Exhibit was displayed at Palo Alto College, St John Bosco, and also shown in Bandera City Texas. In addition, numerous presentations were made thru out the year at schools, organizations and groups.

       Also, our Tejano Portrait Series was displayed at many events and schools in San Antonio, Texas. Currently, we are conducting our 8th annual Student “Celebrate Tejano Heritage” Coloring Contest. Another accomplishment to be noted is that our president, Mr. Rudi R Rodriguez, was awarded the annual “Medal of Honor Award for American Preservation”, given by the National Office of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington DC.

       Further, we were honored to conduct a first ever luncheon on Hispanic Heritage and Legacy with the Office of the Secretary of the Interior out of Washington, D.C. Lastly, we conducted our 8th Annual Tejano Vigil inside the Alamo Shrine and our annual signature Tejano Breakfast was conducted in front of the Alamo. Lastly, we had our 7th Annual Tejano Memorial Ceremony at San Fernando Cemetery # 1. We believe that we served our community, our state and our collective heritage very well.

       We thank you again for your valued support, and hope that we can count on you once again in 2013. In the near future, we will be contacting you to plan next year’s activities. It was once said that: “Texas history can never be complete without the story of the Tejanos being told!” We believe we have begun to significantly accomplish this goal and thank you for your support. If you have any questions or wowuld like more information, please contact us at (210) 673-3584.

Viva Tejano Texas!

Rudi R. Rodriguez     

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