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Vazquez Borrego, Jose

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       VÁZQUEZ BORREGO, JOSÉ (?–?). José Vázquez Borrego, pioneer cattle rancher from Coahuila, Mexico, established the first permanent settlement at the site of present Dolores in South Texas on August 22, 1750. In the 1740s Vázquez Borrego made his living as a rancher breeding horses and mules on his ranch, San Juan del Álamo, which was sixty-eight miles northeast of Monclova, Coahuila. His ranching enterprise was successful but was made difficult by Indian raids. When José de Escandón started his entradas into South Texas, Vázquez Borrego had his son Juan José Vázquez Borrego request that his settlement be included in the Nuevo Santander colonization project. As an incentive to Escandón, Vázquez Borrego started a ferry service across the Rio Grande at Dolores that became an important point of entry into Texas because it was the only ferry on the river. 


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