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Ramon, Diego

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       RAMÓN, DIEGO (1641–1724). As commandant of the presidio of San Juan Bautista from its establishment in 1703 until his death, Diego Ramón played a key role in the development of Spanish Texas and the founding of missions in both Texas and Coahuila. Conjecturally, Querétaro has been given as his birthplace, but that is by no means certain. In the baptismal record of the parish of Santiago de Querétaro appears the name of a daughter, Juana, born to Diego Ramón and María de los Ríos. Record of the couple's marriage does not appear. There is reason to believe that Ramón had liaisons outside marriage that resulted in “natural” (i.e., illegitimate) children. His known offspring besides Juana included at least two other daughters and three sons: Domingoqv, Diego, and José. In 1716, while Don Diego remained at San Juan Bautista and Domingo led a new Texas entrada, José Ramón-whose name often is joined to Domingo's as though they were one person-was living at Boca de Leones (present Villadama, Nueva León). Living there also were his mother and two sisters.


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