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Perry, Henry

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       PERRY, HENRY (17??–1817). Henry Perry, filibuster, was probably a native of Connecticut and possibly related to the noted military leader Daniel Perry. He joined the Gutiérrez-Magee expedition at Natchitoches in 1812, but it is unclear if he resigned from the United States Army with Magee or was an associate of Samuel Kemper. He was made a captain under Major Kemper. He was promoted to major at Bexar on June 16, 1813, succeeding Reuben Ross as commander of the Anglos. He led them against Ignacio Elizondo the next day and defeated the Spanish forces at Alazán Creek on June 20. During the struggle for command of the expedition between Gutiérrez and José Álvarez de Toledo y Dubois, Perry supported the latter, who took command on August 4. After the defeat of the insurgent army at the battle of Medina on August 18, 1813, Perry fled to Natchitoches. He rejoined the United States Army in Louisiana and served at least from December 15, 1814, to June 15, 1815, probably in the quartermaster corps.


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