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1846 Map of Nacogdoches

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Map/Doc #:   82243
Digital TIF Size:  764.72 MB
Digital PDF Size:  319.98 MB
Subject:  Colony District Maps, County Maps.
Title 1:  Map of Nacogdoches County
Creation Date:  xx/xx/1846
Draftsman:  H. L. Upshur
Surveyor:  A. A. Nelson
Size: (in inches)  76.1 x 83.7
Format:  digital composite
Named Features:  Lee's Fort, Hagen's Ferry
Boundary lines: Cherokee Boundary Line as run by Ferris 1841, Fannin District, Mercer's Colony
Roads: Kingsborough, Kickapoo Trace, Pecan Trace, Jonesboro, San Antonio, Nacogdoches
Towns: Kingsborough, Quitman, Clifton, Gilmer, Bazett, Rusk, Douglas, Melrose, Henderson, Buffalo, Athens, Nacogdoches
Collection:  Colony and District
Comments:  Adopted in 2006 in Memory of Charles Wallace Pratt by loved ones and conserved in 2007.
Digital composition of counter numbers 87355, 87356, 87357 and 87358.
Prints made at 65%.

Maps courtesy  of Texas General Land Office