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Carvajal Y De La Cueva, Luis De

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CARVAJAL Y DE LA CUEVA, LUIS DE (ca. 1540–1590). Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva, governor, adventurer, slave trader, and the first Spanish subject to enter Texas from Mexico across the lower Rio Grande, was born in Mogodorio, Portugal, about 1540, the son of Gaspar de Carvajal and Francisca De León, Jewish converts to the Christian faith. As a young man he spent three years at Cape Verde as the king's accountant and treasurer in the black slave trade. Then he emigrated to Spain, traded in grain and wines at Seville, and about 1565 married Guiomar de Ribera, daughter of a Portuguese royal slave factor and a native of Lisbon. Two years later, driven by financial losses and marital discord, Carvajal sailed for New Spain with his own ship as admiral (second in command) of the Spanish Indies fleet. Upon arrival he was accorded the viceroy's appointment as alcalde ordinario of Tampico.



   Courtesy of the Texas State Historical Association.