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Amarillas, Agustin Ahumada Y Villalon, Marques De Las

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AMARILLAS, AGUSTÍN AHUMADA Y VILLALÓN, MARQUÉS DE LAS (?–1760). Agustín Ahumada y Villalón, Marqués de las Amarillas, the forty-second viceroy (1755–1760) of New Spain, was born in Spain, probably in the last years of the seventeenth century. Before his arrival in New Spain, he had been governor of Barcelona and lieutenant colonel of the Regiment of Royal Guards. Military experience in Italian campaigns had also earned him a measure of fame. He arrived in Mexico City at a critical juncture for Spanish Texas. Attempts to expand missionary enterprises beyond San Antonio had collapsed on the San Gabriel River, and the Franciscans had already redirected their missionary efforts toward the Lipan Apaches on the San Saba River. The new viceroy saw no reason to depart from that course. On April 29, 1756, Amarillas summoned Father Alonso Giraldo de Terreros, a veteran missionary, to a conference in Mexico City. When the two men met on May 9, the viceroy informed Terreros that his cousin, Pedro Romero de Terreros, was considering sponsorship of missions for the Apaches. The two priests worked out details, which were formalized by the viceroy. Subsequently a new presidio, San Luis de las Amarillas, was founded on the San Saba River in 1757 and named for the viceroy.


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