Special Events

Tejano Memorial Ceremony

September 22, 2012

TIME: 10:00am
San Fernando Cemetery # 1

In 1936, during the state’s centennial celebration, the state placed several Historical headstones at these hollowed grounds commemorating the contributions, sacrifices and roles Tejanos played in the revolution.

The event is being held in honor of the Tejano participants of the Texas Revolution who are interred at this cemetery. The event will begin with a walking tour of the venerated grounds of one of the oldest cemeteries in San Antonio; San Fernando #1. Followed by brief remarks by  Rudi R. Rodriguez, President and Founder of TexasTejano.com.

The ceremony is an official Tejano Heritage Month event and is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Texas Tejano.com at (210) 673-3584.