Special Events

10th Annual Tejano Vigil in the Alamo Shrine

September 13, 2014

TIME: 7:00 p.m
The Alamo Shrine

      The Annual Tejano Vigil at The Alamo Shrine is conducted during Tejano Heritage Month in September by the Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas along with other partners. The purpose of this event is to continue educating students and the general public about the true legacies and lives of Tejanos in Texas History. More specifically, this solemn event focuses on the role Tejanos played in the revolution for Texas independence. This occasion is a long overdue honor given to Tejano Heroes like: Esparza, Losoya, Espalier, Rodriguez and others who fought in military service for the Lone Star State.

      Additionally, it helps to focus on the role Tejano Patriots played in the development of the Texas Republic and the role Tejano Women played in the support of their husbands and sons in the field of battle. For over one hundred and fifty years prior to the Battle of the Alamo, Tejanos had fought and died for a free and independent Texas.

      This event signals the ultimate price Tejanos have always given to their native Texas and the role they have played in Texas military history. Although, the “Battle of The Alamo,” is the quintessential military event in Texas history, Hispanic men and women have performed with gallantry and valor prior to and since that battle.

      Therefore, we are very proud to help provide the leadership for this very special event that helps to elevate and celebrate Tejano heritage and history. It was once said, “Texas history can never be complete without the story of the Tejano being told!”

      This year, our 10th Annual Tejano Vigil will be held at The Alamo Shrine at 7:00 pm on September 13th. Everyone is invited to join in celebrating the legacy of brave Tejanos and Tejanas. A Military Leader will be the featured speaker at this solemn ceremony held to identify, elevate and celebrate Tejano and Tejana patriots and heroes involved in the Revolution of 1835–1836. Other speakers will also eulogize the roles and contributions of Tejanas and Tejano Politicians. For more info or to RSVP, contact Ms. Dina Cortez at (210) 863-6191 or at dinac@hhctx.org. You can also RSVP online here. deadline for RSVP's is September 11, 2014.

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