Thank you!

To all Volunteers, Contributors, Sponsors and family,

Thank you for joining Polly Texas Pioneer Association for the 6th annual “Hill Country Get Together. Their fundraiser was a huge success thanks to your generous support. Special thanks goes to their Event Chairwoman Ms. Vivian Cantu, Auctioneer Mr. Rudi Rodriguez and Barbecue Master Mr. John Bourgeois. If you made a contribution, were an event sponsor, gave or bought auction items or volunteered, they could not have done it without you.

All in attendance were treated to a beautiful, breezy day in the Texas hill country, a delicious lunch prepared by Barbecue Master John Bourgeois, a lively auction and country music by the one and only Buck Shannon.

Thanks to your support of this event, they raised enough money for planned drainage and road improvements at Polly’s Chapel, a new website and new signage. It also helps them fund the next steps in transferring Polly’s Schoolhouse. We will share more information as they move forward with these projects. Look for their next newsletter, it will contain more details.

Your support helps preserve Texas hill country heritage. This ensures that our children can enjoy the contributions of Tejanos to the Lone Star State. Your support means they can continue preserving the legacy and heritage left behind by JP Polly Rodriguez and other settlers.

Once again, we thank everyone helping them continue restoring and preserving Texas hill country heritage! They look forward to providing the community with more education on the legacy and heritage of Polly, Texas and its Tejano and European settlers. If you have any questions or would like more information, please visit