Tejano Lecture at University of Texas

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       On Thursday, March 7, 2013, Texas’s President and Founder; Rudi R. Rodriguez will be addressing an audience of 350 college students at the University of Texas in San Antonio in recognition of the contribution of Tejanos to the Texas Revolution. Dr. Francis Galan; Senior Lecturer for the Department of History; has invited our Founder to provide students with a historical and  culturally enriching presentation.

       As such, a presentation has been developed that chronicles the life of a significant Tejano Pioneer, Jose Policarpio “Polly” Rodriguez. He was the seventh son of Don Jose Antonio Rodriguez and Donna Maria Encarnacion Sanchez. In 1840, the family settled in San Antonio after a move from Zaragoza, Coahuila Y Texas. Don Antonio purchased a town lot in old “Laredito” among the leading Tejanos of the era.

       At the age of eleven years old, Polly’s father apprenticed him to James Goodman, Master Gunsmith in Bexar County. After several years, he became a Gunsmith, expert marksman and frontiersman. By the late 1840’s, Polly had been guiding and protecting surveyors in the Texas wilderness as they surveyed land for the newly arriving pioneers. As a result, he also became an accomplished surveyor completing work in many parts of Texas.

       For brevity, Polly then became a scout and guide for the early US Army Corp of Discovery then scout and Indian fighter with 2nd Calvary, Texas Ranger, successful rancher, Judge, community builder and lastly became a minister. His long and fascinating life is a great example of the accomplishments and contributions that Tejanos made to the early development of the Lone Star State. 

       Rudi R Rodriguez has been J.P. Polly Rodriguez autobiographer and he has authored books, documentaries and an exhibit on Polly’s life. Additionally, he founded Texas Tejano, a research, publishing, communication and advocacy firm. The firm’s goals are to champion the legacy and heritage of all our Tejano ancestors. Rudi has received numerous awards for his work and his most recent are the 2010 award from the Texas Historical Commission for preservation of Texas history and the 2011 Medal of Honor for the Preservation of American History presented by the National Order of the Daughters of the American Revolution. For more information, please contact Texas at (210) 673-3584 or visit us online at