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Ugarte Y Loyola, Jacobo De

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       UGARTE Y LOYOLA, JACOBO DE (17??–1798). Information concerning the family and birthplace of Jacobo de Ugarte y Loyola is not available, but circumstantial evidence suggests that he was a descendant of Basque nobility. If we may believe his own recollections, on April 5, 1732, Ugarte answered a military calling by enlisting as an underage cadet in a regiment of Spanish infantry guards. He first entered royal service in 1740 and attained the rank of colonel on January 11, 1767. In his early military career he had campaigned in Italy, where he was twice wounded, and in Portugal. Shortly after his promotion to the rank of colonel, Ugarte received appointment as the governor of Coahuila, and he served in that capacity from December 1769 to December 1777.


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