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Tarin, Vizente

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       TARÍN, VIZENTE (ca. 1767–ca. 1826). Vizente Tarín, soldier and Indian commissioner, son of Pedro Nolasco Tarín and María Bernarda Araújo, was born around 1767 probably in the Villa de San Gerónimo, Chihuahua, México. He served as a lancer during the latter Spanish colonial period, later becoming a Republican insurgent leader. Tarín had served in the military for twenty years and was a sergeant in the Second Flying Company of San Carlos de Parras when it arrived at San Antonio de Valero Mission in 1803. While there, he distinguished himself as a formidable Indian fighter and was instrumental in recovering stolen livestock on numerous occasions. By 1807 he had been appointed to the position of second alférez, due in part to his exemplary record. Tarín's first wife, María (or Mónica) Luján, died in 1796. He remained a widower until 1810, when he married Juana Isidorea Leal, daughter of Joaquín Leal. According to civil records they had six sons, although Tarín may have been the father of only two of them.


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