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Salcedo, Manuel Maria De

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       SALCEDO, MANUEL MARÍA DE (?–1813). Manuel María de Salcedo, Spanish governor of Texas, lived in Louisiana with his father, Juan Manuel de Salcedo, governor of Louisiana, until 1803, when that area was sold to the United States and the family returned to Spain. He was appointed governor of Texas by the Council of the Indies on April 24, 1807, took his oath of office in Cádiz, and arrived in Texas in the summer of 1808. During his administration the chief problem in Texas was the constant illegal influx of foreigners. His efforts to remove American squatters in the Neutral Ground were futile, and he advised the Spanish government that, to be retained, Texas must be settled with Spaniards from Louisiana or Mexico. Salcedo advocated the establishment of new trading houses to placate the Indians and more troops to guard the frontier. 


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