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Rosillo, Battle Of

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       ROSILLO, BATTLE OF. The battle of Rosillo, known also as the battle of Salado and as the battle of Rosalis, was fought on March 29, 1813, on a prairie near the confluence of Rosillo and Salado creeks, nine miles southeast of San Antonio in southern Bexar County. The engagement was between the Republican Army of the North led by José Bernardo Gutiérrez de Lara and Samuel Kemper and a Spanish royalist force under Texas governor Manuel María de Salcedo and Nuevo León governor Simón de Herrera. The battle was called the battle of Salado in contemporary accounts but is generally known today as the battle of Rosillo to distinguish it from the battle of Salado Creek, sometimes called the battle of the Salado, in 1842. The battle of Rosillo resulted in the capture of San Antonio and the establishment of a first “republic of Texas.”


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