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Rodriguez, Vicente

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       RODRÍGUEZ, VICENTE (1699–1785). Vicente Rodríguez, brother of Manuel Rodríguez, was involved in military affairs in Coahuila and Texas for more than fifty years. He was born in 1699 at Monclova and served in the presidios of San Francisco de Coahuila, Santa Rosa María del Sacramento, and San Juan Bautista. At the latter post, he was lieutenant while Manuel was captain and succeeded to command upon his brother's death. Although his brother's career often overshadowed his own, Vicente's role as a frontier officer closely rivaled it. His first campaign of note, against the Toboso Indians, was in 1721, when he marched with Coahuila governor Blas de la Garza Falcón. This was followed by frequent pursuit of the Tobosos until they were subdued in the mid-1730s. Rodríguez was wounded in the right hand and thigh in 1723, while serving under Alferez Diego Jiménez. 


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