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Rodriguez, Manuel

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       RODRÍGUEZ, MANUEL (1697–1772). Manuel Rodríguez, military leader on the Coahuila-Texas frontier, was born at Monclova, Coahuila, in 1697. From the Red River to El Paso del Norte he led his troops in the Indian wars. He was praised for his dedication to duty by the Marqués de Rubí, and he was instrumental in formation of the line of presidios under the New Regulations for Presidios of 1772. Rodríguez began his career at Monclova, as alcalde ordinario. In the military he rose through the ranks from private soldier to presidial captain. At age twenty he went to the presidio at San Juan Bautista (at present-day Guerrero, Coahuila) and thenceforth was often found assisting Texas military units in Apache campaigns or combatting the troublesome Tobosos in his own province. In 1720, as a volunteer, Rodríguez marched with the Marqués de San Miguel de Aguayo, then Coahuila governor, against the rebel Toboso Indians. As a militia captain Rodríguez took part in 1721–22 in three campaigns led by Blas de la Garza Falcón against the Tobosos. In 1732 both he and Vicente Rodríguez, his younger brother, took the field with Governor Manuel de Sandoval to defeat the Tobosos in La Bavia Arroyo.


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