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Rancheria Grande

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       RANCHERÍA GRANDE. The name Ranchería Grande was used by several Spanish expeditions to designate any unusually large temporary settlement or encampment of Indians. The Ranchería Grande of the middle Brazos River in the vicinity of what is now Milam County, for example, is not to be confused with the Ranchería Grande on the Nueces River, probably at a site now in Webb County, which was sought by Capt. Diego Ramón on his 1707 campaign from San Juan Bautista. The name Ranchería Grande evidently was used to designate the band of Indians encountered on a Brazos River tributary by Domingo Ramón's mission-founding expedition in 1716. The Spanish caravan camped near the village, which may have had some Tonkawas but also included an Ervipiame chieftain and his following. As the visitors bartered for deer and buffalo hides, men, women, and children appeared in large numbers to take part in the exchange. Ramón placed the number at 2,000; Father Isidro Félix de Espinosa estimated 500 and identified them as Pamayes, Payayes, Cantonas, Mescales, Jarames, and Sijames.


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