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Ramon, Domingo

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       RAMÓN, DOMINGO (?–1723). Domingo Ramón was the son of Capt. Diego Ramón of San Juan Bautista Presidio. Following the appearance of Louis Juchereau de St. Denis on the Rio Grande in July 1714 and his subsequent arrest as a foreign interloper and suspected illegal trader, the French cavalier was ordered to Mexico City. While also in the capital, Ramón received appointment on September 30, 1715, as commander of a military unit that was to reestablish Spanish presence in East Texas, thereby countering French influence from Louisiana. At the same time, St. Denis, who had ably defended his actions, received appointment as commissary officer and guide for the Ramón expedition, which totaled seventy-five persons. The entourage included twelve priests or friars, three Frenchmen, and several dozen civilians. Seven of the soldiers were married and brought along their families; their wives the first recorded Spanish women in Texas. The expedition, including equipment, supplies, and livestock, departed the Rio Grande on April 27, 1716.


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