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Pinilla, Miguel De

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       PINILLA, MIGUEL DE (?–?). Miguel de Pinilla was a Franciscan attached to the College of Santa Cruz de Querétaro. In Texas he was part of the contingent that founded three missions on the San Gabriel River near the site of present Rockdale. Pinilla, of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Mission, was one of five clerics who welcomed Capt. Felipe de Rábago y Terán as presidial commander in December 1751. At that time, Father Pinilla also served as chaplain of the military garrison. Relations between Rábago and Pinilla deteriorated almost immediately. En route to the San Gabriel outpost, Rábago had entered into an adulterous relationship with the wife of a man (Juan José Ceballos) recruited in San Antonio. When Pinilla attempted to intervene, matters worsened. Rábago began offering rewards to his soldiers for procuring the wives and daughters of the missions' neophytes. And when Pinilla protested this transgression and others committed by Rábago's soldiers, the captain barred Pinilla from ministering as chaplain.


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