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Olivan Rebolledo, Juan Manuel De

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       OLIVÁN REBOLLEDO, JUAN MANUEL DE (?–1738). Juan Manuel de Oliván Rebolledo, official and mapmaker in Spanish Texas, was a member of the Junta General as early as 1715. As auditor general he handled the investigation of Louis Juchereau de St. Denis after his arrest in 1717, and recommending the Canadian's release and restoration of the goods seized. On December 24, 1717, Oliván submitted a plan advocating measures to keep the French east of the Mississippi River and prevent French expansion along the Gulf Coast and Texas. With the report he prepared a map based on information obtained from St. Denis. He eventually drew up a series of seven maps of the territory north of Mexico, and at least some of the sketches were directly based on St. Denis's testimony. Oliván was designated governor of Texas in 1719, but he never assumed his duties.


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