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Jimenez, Diego

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       JIMÉNEZ, DIEGO (?–?). Fray Diego Jiménez was one of the missionaries from the College of Santa Cruz de Querétaro who began Santa Cruz de San Sabá Mission and, later, two Apache missions on the upper Nueces River. On December 14, 1756, he arrived at San Antonio with the five other Franciscans assigned to seek conversion of the eastern Apaches. The group proceeded to the proposed mission site on the San Saba River the following April. On July 5, 1757-less than three months after their arrival-Jiménez and Fray Joaquín de Baños wrote to the college at Querétaro, declaring that they saw no hope that the Apaches would enter missions. Complaining that the San Sabá mission president, Fray Alonso Giraldo de Terreros, had misled them, they requested permission to abandon the enterprise. They departed for Querétaro before the end of the year.


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