Tejano History

Garza, Jose Francisco Mariano

        GARZA, JOSÉ FRANCISCO MARIANO (?–?). José Francisco Mariano Garza was a Franciscan priest at Bucareli, a town founded in 1774 on the Trinity River. From its inception, the settlement was plagued by an unhealthful environment and periodic flooding. Beginning in May 1778 it was threatened by Comanche attacks on livestock. In January 1779 Garza reported on rapidly deteriorating conditions. Residents dared not hunt except in large, well-armed numbers, but doing so would leave the town vulnerable to attack. The final blow was a devastating flood that struck in February, followed by renewed Comanche attacks. The settlers then abandoned Bucareli and moved to the site of present Nacogdoches. Garza transferred church ornaments and sacred vessels to the site of the abandoned mission of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de los Nacogdoches. 


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