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Garcia, Luciano

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      GARCÍA, LUCIANO (?–?). Luciano García, Spanish commander in Texas, had been sent to the area by Joaquín de Arredondo after the Gutiérrez-Magee expedition to reorganize the presidial company at La Bahía and to bring it to its full complement as specified in the Regulations of 1772. García was appointed ad interim governor of Texas on June 16, 1823, and assumed his duties on July 8. He served in that capacity until October 12, 1823, at which time he released his civil duties to become commandant general of the Province of Texas. In 1824 he was appointed political chief of the province and, as such, was friendly to the interests of Stephen F. Austin's colony, helping it in every way he could. On July 17, 1823, García completed the governing system for the colony by appointing the Baron de Bastrop as commissioner to extend land titles.


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