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Galvez Gallardo, Jose Bernardo De

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       GÁLVEZ GALLARDO, JOSÉ BERNARDO DE (1720–1787). José Bernardo de Gálvez Gallardo, visitor general of public finance in New Spain, the second son of Antonio Gálvez y Carbajal and Ana Gallardo Jurado, was born in Macharaviaya, Málaga, Spain, on January 2, 1720. His initial interests, under the influence of the bishop of Málaga, led him to the seminary, but he soon eschewed a priestly calling. After completing a degree in law, Gálvez gained recognition as a successful attorney in Madrid. On August 2, 1750, he married Lucía Romet y Pichelin, his first wife having died without issue.

       {Gálvez's legal accomplishments won him a royal appointment on November 25, 1764, as a civil and criminal justice (alcalde de casa y corte) of Castile. In that capacity he came to know the influential Conde de Aranda and Conde de Campomanes. After the visitor general designate of New Spain died unexpectedly, in February 1765 José de Gálvez received that post as well as honorary membership in the Council of the Indies.


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