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Flores De Valdes, Nicolas

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       FLORES DE VALDÉS, NICOLÁS (?–1731). Nicolás Flores de Valdés joined a supply expedition organized in 1693 by Governor Gregorio de Salinas Varona for the missions in Texas. In 1701, when the garrison of San Juan Bautista was established, Flores was the first to enlist. He continued to serve there for fourteen years, first as a private, then as a sergeant, and later as alferez. He married Nicolasa Ximenes y Baldés on May 3, 1707, in Monclova. He joined the Aguayo expedition in 1719 and at the Marqués de Aguayo's request took soldiers from San Antonio de Béxar to help suppress an Indian revolt at Santa Rosa de Nadadores in 1700.


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