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Ecay Múzquiz, José Antonio De

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ECAY MÚZQUIZ, JOSÉ ANTONIO DE (?–1738). The name of José (Joseph) Antonio de Ecay (Eca y) Múzquiz, Spanish soldier, first appears in witness to a document signed by Alonso De León in 1688. He was a criollo who served on the Coahuila-Texas frontier as soldier, governor, and presidial commander until his death in 1738. José Joaquín de Ecay Múzquiz is believed to have been his son. On August 12, 1689, he witnessed the official founding of Santiago de la Monclova (present-day Monclova, Coahuila). During the terms of Francisco Cuerbo y Valdés (1698–1702) and Simón Padilla y Córdova (1708–1712) as governor of Coahuila, he several times pursued hostile Indians into the Sierra de Santa Rosa. Marching through barren, waterless country, he was frustrated in his objective by natives who took refuge on the mountain peaks and rolled rocks down upon his troops.


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