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Crevel De Moranget

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       CREVEL DE MORANGET (?–1687). Usually referred to as Moranget, Crevel de Moranget was the son of Nicolas Crevel. His Christian name is not known. His mother was the sister of René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, and Abbé Jean Cavelier. His grandfather was Jean Cavelier, a wealthy merchant of Rouen, France, where Crevel de Moranget probably was born. As a young man, Crevel de Moranget enlisted in La Salle's company and with the rank of lieutenant sailed with his uncle from La Rochelle, France, in July 1684 to seek the mouth of the Mississippi via the Gulf of Mexico. He is portrayed in accounts of the La Salle expedition as young, brash, and hotheaded, given to creating unpleasant situations-traits that led eventually to La Salle's murder and his own, as well as that of two companions. He probably contributed also to the destruction of Fort St. Louis.


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