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Colina, Agustin De

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       COLINA, AGUSTÍN DE (16?–?). Agustín de Colina, a Franciscan priest, was stationed in 1687 at the struggling missions of La Junta de los Ríos (the juncture of the Rio Grande and the Río de Conchos), at the site of present Presidio, Texas, and Ojinaga, Chihuahua. There in the fall of that same year, widely traveled Cíbolo and Jumano Indians approached Colina and asked him for a letter that they could take to “the Spaniards who were coming and going among the Tejas” in East Texas. Not privy at this remote location to intelligence that Frenchmen had landed somewhere on the northern Gulf Coast, Colina made light of the request and countered with one of his own: the Indians should bring him a letter from “the other Spaniards.”


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