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Cabello Y Robles, Domingo

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CABELLO Y ROBLES, DOMINGO (ca. 1725–?). Domingo Cabello y Robles, a career officer in the Spanish Royal Army from León, Spain, served after Juan María de Ripperdáqv as governor of Texas from October 29, 1778, to December 3, 1786. He began his military career at an early age when he joined an infantry regiment as a lieutenant in 1741. He first saw action in 1742, on his way to Santiago de Cuba, which was under siege, when the vessel carrying his company was attacked by an English warship. Cabello returned to Spain in 1749 but was quickly promoted to major and sent back to Cuba as commander of four battalions of a fixed regiment constituted to garrison the island and the presidios of Florida. His conduct during the English siege and capture of Havana in 1762 earned him promotion to the governorship of Nicaragua, in which post he served from December 12, 1764, until July 20, 1776.

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