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Bosque, Fernando Del

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BOSQUE, FERNANDO DEL (?–?). On May 15, 1674, the Audiencia of Guadalajara appointed Antonio Balcárcel as alcalde mayor (governor) of Coahuila for five years. The new official was charged with exploring and colonizing the province at his own expense. In November 1674 on a march to the north of Saltillo, Balcárcel chose Fernando del Bosque, an experienced and trustworthy soldier, as his standard bearer. That expedition founded the settlement of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe near the site of present Monclova on December 8, 1674. Associated with the new outpost were two missionaries, fathers Juan Larios and Dionisio de San Buenaventura, who wished to expand their Christianization efforts to include Indians north of the Rio Grande.

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