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Andry, Luis Antonio

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ANDRY, LUIS ANTONIO (?–1778?). Luis Antonio Andry, a French engineer, was chosen by Louisiana governor Bernardo de Gálvez to map the Gulf of Mexico coast from the Mississippi River to Matagorda Bay. Andry sailed from New Orleans on December 13, 1777, on the schooner Señor de la Yedra with a crew of thirteen, including his young son, a cadet. The expedition represents an early manifestation of Gálvez's interest in exploration and mapping of the Louisiana-Texas coast that later brought forth the coastal survey voyage of José Antonio de Evia. Andry's survey ship reached Matagorda Bay by early March 1778, its work essentially complete. Shortly thereafter, it fell victim to the trickery of apostate Karankawas from the Texas missions.

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