Hispanic Heritage Matters

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All of us at Texas Tejano.com are committed to the appreciation, understanding and teaching of the rich and unique history of the Texas Tejano. Our research and publications of related historical materials is an ongoing project rendering the stories of amazing and noteworthy components in the history of our great state. 

Equally so, we are very pleased and honored to have had many leading scholars review participated and support our publications, exhibits, symposiums and efforts to champion Tejano heritage and legacy.

From private, State of Texas and national institutions the following scholars have participated, reviewed and supported us in our work:

  Dr. Felix D. Almaraz, University of Texas at San Antonio
  Dr. Amy Jo Baker, Formerly of SAISD
  Dr. Jesus F. de la Teja, Texas State University
  Mr. Frank Faulkner, San Antonio Public Library
  Dr. Maria Hernandez Ferrier, Texas A&M at San Antonio
  Dr. Manuel Flores, Texas A&M Kingsville
  Dr. Richard Gambitta, University of Texas at San Antonio
  Dr. Gilberto Hinojosa, University of Incarnate Word
  Dr. Eric Lupfer, Humanities Texas
  Dr. Patrick Nolan, Sam Houston State University
  Dr. Richard Perez, University of Incarnate Word
  Dr. Rudy Reyna, University of Texas at San Antonio
  Dr. Daniel Rodriguez, Palo Alto College
  Dr. Ricardo Romo, University of Texas at San Antonio
Dr. Rose Zambrano, Palo Alto College

We believe we have been the beneficiaries of this expertise and support that has allowed us to develop sound programming, celebrated exhibits and produce successful public forum. As time goes along we will continue to partner with others, so we can continue to tell the true and accurate story of Tejano Pioneers!